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Llacanora is located 13 kilometers south east of Cajamarca , on the banks of the left bank of cajamarquino laughed. at 2616 meters above sea level. This district was created on January 2, 1857 , in the second government of Ramón Castilla . Llacanora comes from the Quechua word " llacas " meaning " defoliate corn " or " colored earth " or the word " LLACACAY " which means " narrow or elongated " as indeed is the river the way through the Iliarco hills and Callacpoma. (see photo gallery

Tourist district
Llacanora is considered as a tourist district for having beautiful resorts , having beautiful weather and beautiful scenery. Llacanora is recognized as the "Switzerland cajamarquina " and as the " ETERNAL GREEN VALLEY " for being a totally green district , his feast day is June 24 , in honor of the patron " SAN JUAN BAUTISTA " .



FALLS : They are two waterfalls recognized as female and male since a is higher than the other. Cataract male is approximately 30 meters high with permanent waterfall. The female is approximately 15 to 20 meters high, retains the natural landscape.

CAVES PUMAHUSHCO : These caves are located in the Callacpoma hill which means in Quechua hill or dwelling of the puma , it is located one kilometer Llacanora and inside the caves there are lots of bats and on the walls there are thousands of cave paintings. (see photo gallery)                                                                                  


LAGUNA Sulluscocha : You have an extraordinary landscape with the typical colors of the area , is located in the village of the same name in the lagoon lot of wild ducks and fish is.

POMAHORCO RUINS : Located on the hill of the same name , there we can see the buildings of our ancestors.(see photo gallery)

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