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Capital of the department and the province of Cajamarca , is the largest city in the northern highlands of Peru .
The meaning of its name has two versions:
-Kasha Brand , "people of Thorns" by the abundance of cactus San Pedro .
-Qasamarka , " Ice people" by low temperatures or frost recorded at night.
Located at 2750 meters above sea level on the eastern slopes of the Andes , in the Andean valley formed by the rivers Mashcon and Chonta .
It is known for its large and important production of milk and because here one of the most important festivals in the country that is Carnival , with the entry of nonCarnaval├│n culminating in approximately 7 days with the burial of this same character is celebrated ..

During the Inca conquered by Pachacutec , in 1450, his brother Capac Yupanqui conquered this land incorporating the Tahuantinsuyo.
In 1532 , in the place where today the Plaza de Armas of Cajamarca rises , there was the capture of the Inca Atahualpa , last governor of the Inca empire , happening during the conquest of Peru .
At the time of the colony maintained its category Villa until December 19, 1802 , shortly before independence when it began to be considered city and received its coat of arms


On November 16, 1532 Cajamarca was scene of one of the greatest historical events , resulting in the encounter of two worlds : the Inca and Spanish , giving rise to mixing and a new era in the history of Peru .
The story goes that a group of Spaniards under Francisco Pizarro captured the Inca Atahualpa , the Inca in exchange for his release offered to fill a room filled with gold and two rooms full with silver far reached his upraised hand ( the most expensive rescue the history). Pizarro accept , but his real mission was to subdue the Inca and submit it to the Spanish Crown and the Christian faith , to which Atahualpa refused , this being the reason to be sentenced to garrotted , dying a year after his capture .
So was the Inca treasures passed hand of the conquerors and were taken to Spain , becoming at that time the most powerful state in the world.

There are major events in Peruvian history that took place in this city, such as the first marriage made in Peru between the Indian princess Maria Ines Huaylas of 14 years and the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro 54 years. This couple had two children: Francisca Pizarro Huaylas born in Jauja in 1534 and Gonzalo Pizarro Huaylas apparently born in Lima in 1535. 


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