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The cuisine of Cajamarca is a delicious fusion of Andean products and Spanish products, retaining its essence when cooking, essence that was transmitted from generation to generation since time immemorial. Some of the dishes are considered traditional as they come from the time of our ancestors, the Incas.
That is why it can not be left aside at this gastronomic boom that now savors all over the world.


Among the dishes we caldo verde, fried cuy Cajamarca style with spicy potatoes, wheat soup, soup made from flour and potato flour corn, pork with hominy, fried, sweet and savory tamales, etc. It has a variety of sweets derived from fruits such as chiclayo, eggplant, figs, etc and desserts like cottage cheese with honey, blancmange and other sweets made from milk, as Cajamarca is also an active participant in the livestock industry, which distributes milk to the domestic market for the production of cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream.

Frito de Cajamarca Frito con Cebiche de Cajamarca Chicharron con mote de Cajamarca Chicharron con mote Cuy Frito de Cajamarca Cuy Frito


Among the preferred drinks are aguardiente cane and peanut chicha.


It is also recommended to try the delicious donuts, cookies and rich milk cheeses of different types, Swiss, buttery, fresh, etc and fresh milk offered each stall or shops.

Quesillo con Miel de Cajamarca Humita de Cajamarca Perol con chicharron Perol con chicharron de Cajamarca Perol con Cuy Frito de Cajamarca Perol con Chicharron y con Cuy

Whether in the traditional festivals of this region as the carnival, celebrations or meeting at home, you will delight in savoring these delicious dishes of good flavor and aroma that Cajamarca is willing to provide.

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