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Known as the "Capital of the Peruvian Carnival" this festival precedes Easter, which is why we can be held in February or March; It lasts about one month, although the main days are about a week. It is done mostly in the city of Cajamarca, but nearby villages perform various celebrations. Each year, chosen by local residents, the coronation of the Queen of Carnival with parades of girls from different districts of the city is performed. All prepare to celebrate their carnivals, each ward is organized to decorate their streets, ready their troupes, create their floats and participate in parades and processions with many colorful costumes and masks, no shortage of folk dances to the beat of the bands, there are also contests lively dances and marches, these being an outstanding example of local folklore.
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Cajamarca Carnival is a party like no other, where all the people dance, sing and drink to the beat of Cajamarca couplets; all involved: children, youth and adults (as the song says "God made for everyone, for the rich and the poor"). It starts from the first week of January and lasts until March. There is a major week starting with the entrance nonCarnavalón and ends with the burial of it. Then in March or cortamontes continue unshas consisting of traditional people dance around a decorated tree with fruits and gifts, while attempts are made to bring it down with an ax.

Presentation of candidates for the Kingship Carnival
Thursday Compadres
Election of the Carnival Queen
Cajamarcan contest couplets.
The Bando Carnavalesco
Thursday Comadres
Crowning of the Queen of Carnival
The income Ño Carnavalón(Ver Galeria de Fotos)      


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